How We Got Started

MALEDA: is an Amharic (Ethiopian) word meaning sun-rise or early morning. The same phrase is colloquially used to mean an early bird; or the first to catch success. A universally known proverb goes: ‘the early bird catches the worm’. Usually, this proverb emphasis that success comes to those who prepare well; and put in effort; and it is used to alert someone to act early enough; or right now to be successful. 

‘MALEDA GEBEYA’ is a market brand that we have opened since July 2011 and provide quality services of spice-herbs and whole grains  brought directly from the home of origin of these ingredients in Ethiopia to our consumers here in the USA. MALEDA GEBEYA’s marketing motto is to remain competitive in the ethnic food market and provide our customers with the best of  spicy ingredients you need each day.